Morna Rhys specialises in coloured copper plate etchings based on drawings, paintings and photographs made on site. She sometimes returns to the site to work directly on the plate. The effect of sunlight and moonshine in the images she creates adds mystery and wonder and are very important elements in her work.

The Oxfordshire landscape, Cornish Coast and Welsh Mountains are amongst her themes, working mostly from drawings and paintings which help her capture the structure and perspective in her landscapes better than any photograph she might make.

Her etchings require the application of many different colours all added to the same plate, which is then carefully wiped with scrim, and polished with acid free tissue. She also uses when required 2 or 3 plates which are printed sequentially to give strong colour contrasts.

Morna is a member of Edition 3 and has exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea since 2002 and more recently at the AAF in Bristol.

She is a member the Oxford printmakers co-operative and works there as a technician and administrator.


Morna trained in fine art at Wimbledon, St Martins and later at Sussex University, before moving to Oxford to teach Art, working in primary and secondary schools, and in adult education. She joined the Oxford Printmakers Co-operative in 1994.


She has also exhibited and demonstrated at:

Morna Rhys at Press Morna Rhys exhibiting Morna Rhys looking over her prints Copper plate etching and printed work by Morna Rhys